About Us
My name is Konstantina Koutsikou. I live in Athens since 2010.
I was born in Thessaloniki, but I always loved Athens so I moved here and I started my life from zero.
My vision for someone who is coming for the first time in Athens is to see the lifestyle here, to smell, to taste ,to feel, to dance ,to drink as a real Greek.
To feel the energy that only this town can give you.
Wellcome you on board!


What we provide
Fingertrip is an innovative company with great experience in organising events, teambuilding and entertainment events and tourist fun packages. Our executive team is always at your disposal, for your event, public relationships ,fun and conferences the way you dreamed about it .Always with a great smile ,positive energy and innovative ideas we create cooperations which are human based. Always working with deadline and a plan, we make your idea real,with the best results! We are here for you !
Our Services

Tour Packages

Our daily packages offer to you the ability to have exclusive services and solutions considering your age ,your taste and your demands! Your visit in Athens will be one of the memorable and Unforgettable experiences you've ever lived till now!


Except our daily choices you have the unique opportunity to choose something specific to do with us while you're staying up in Athens! We are here for you !


Share with us what you are thinking!! Our executive team will make a specific and organized plan about how your dreams and plans will become true, either it considers a corporate environment or a party,an anniversary, a surprise,a birthday party or even your wedding dreaming day!!!! We make it happen!!!